Androgyny is the New Black

Sometimes its best to live life fluid, and willing to try new things. If we limit ourselves to living in black and white, then we miss out on completely different aspects of life. Androgyny represents living life not as one or the other, but simply hanging in the balance; clinging onto the in between because we never know where an open mind and heart will take you...

"Around the way" part 5 of Taxi Cab Confession: Chicago

"The Bible Says" series finale of Taxi Cab Confession: Chicago. See ya next season!

"Forever" part 4 of Taxi Cab Confessions: Chicago

"Isn’t that love?" part 3 of Taxi Cab Confession: Chicago.

@brigettem And I witnessed bird murder at the #lincolnparkzoo… I’m fairly certain birds don’t kill or attempt to eat other birds (especially swans), so I’m thinking this a the result of unnatural captivity. Either way I was scarred. Blessings to the little duck family trying to fight the swan off. May your brother be a martyr to a greater cause. #chicago

Stumbled upon a protest for the isreal v Palestine genocide happening. @daddytalltees and I experienced so much hatred from Israelis it’s was criminal. I was told to go back to Africa while recording on my phone, and when I told him to take his hatred back to Israel, his reply “I will and kill all those Palestinian terrorists”! THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR IN THE US! Imagine what it’s like over there… #FREEPALESTINE #NOMOREGENOCIDE #ENDRACISMWORLDWIDE

Preparing for flight. #nature #monarch #vscocam
Go braves!! Photo cred: @brigettem… Had amazing seat to watch the #braves defeat the #cubs. Best baseball game I’ve ever been too.
Double chins and grawrs. #basquiat #crowns #dino #XXI #InstaSize
"Be the change you want to see in the world"… I normally scoff everytime i see this quote but today it’s truths played out more than before…. Yes I am disguised as a cow because today was cow appreciation day at @chikfila … As my cohorts and I polished off our free reward, a scruffy gentleman approached and asked if we could spare some change for a sandwich. I thought about my free meal and free slurpie (happy 711!) and offered to break into my last 20$ to get him a meal. As we approached the counter, I realized he had never been there before, so I explained the menu, he picked what he wanted, chose his drink and I prepared to pay. The cashier asked me "do you know him" and I said no. And then he asked "and you’re paying for him" and I said yes, beginning to get annoyed. Then he hastily said "it’s on the house. Don’t even worry about it" with a huge beaming smile. I graciously thanked him as the gentlemen in need thanked us both and i left him to wait for his meal.         Several days ago I was struggling with seeing good in the world and more importantly in my life. But as I lay witness to what happened in #chikfila, I couldn’t help but to know that I was wrong… And that ghandi may have been onto something. I hope that by sharing this other semi-nihilists will begin to see that maybe there is a bit of good left out there. Sometimes we just need a little push to recognize it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ HAPPY FRIDAY YALL!!
King of all he can see. He’s loving this warm weather. Can’t keep him indoors #zuma #pitbulls #pitsofinstagram #chicago #dogs #love
The skyline of #chicago  at 10am this morning. Was hella creepy. #nature vs #mankind #photography

Everyone my new video “Clarity” for @sunblvd dropped today!! Do me a solid and go to my profile, watch it, share it and more importantly embrace the movement that we are about to start. @xgimmedap and I got some more coming for ya later this summer. Stay tuned.

06.03.13 New Vizuals droppin with the talented @sunblvd. Just 1 of many amazing collabs we are doing this summer. Get. F*****. Ready. #music #soul #chicago #art #vizualpupil

Photo by @brigettem. Edit my yours truly. Just a reminder to never give up and always keep your head held high. I’ve been opening doors left and right in my 23rd year, all as a result of a new outlook and positive energy. Bigger and better things to come. #vizualpupil #design #self #portrait